About me

My name is Jenne Lee Sanford, and I am currently a senior at the University of Wyoming. I am majoring in communication and have minors in public relations, creative writing, and honors. Not including the time I’ve been in Laramie for school, I’ve lived and grown up in Lone Tree, Colorado.

Me in front of the Colorado sign at World War II Memorial Washington DC

I am super excited to have a blog. I always love looking through other peoples’ blogs online. Now I have an opportunity to enhance my presence online and share things that I’m interested in.

During my free time you can either see me reading a thrilling book, or playing with my puppy Luna.

My career goals is to do something related to public relations. This summer I interned at Athena Global Advisors in Philadelphia where I helped enhance our clients’ brand relationships to others. I really enjoyed it and hope to have a similar career.

Let’s build something together.

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